century books

it’s better to read 100 books 10 times than 1,000 books once

I don’t know who originated this concept. I’ve heard it said by Naval. the idea is to go deep on a narrower slice of possible books than to be spread so thin. this isn’t so much an algorithm as a heuristic, a tactic for filtering the kinds of books you read, and also a way to measure your own growth over time. I’ve had the experience of getting something different from reading the same book at different points in my life. deliberately checking in with different books regularly over time is a good way to get an informative but different perspective on your own mentality.

this is my list. I’ll be short of 100 for a while, the point is to make a tangible artifact out of it, and update it over time. let me know if you have or make a similar list and I’ll add a link to your list here.

consider any of these books a welcomed topic of conversation.


science fiction