feed friday: mike solana

this week’s feed friday is mike solana. mike is a vp at founders fund and someone involved in building things in the real world, yet he still seems rationally optimistic about improving.

mike solana

website: https://www.piratewires.com

feed: https://www.piratewires.com/feed

twitter: @micsolana

mike is a gifted writer. I am always happy to read his posts, as I know there will be a compelling point to understand, whether I agree with him or not. I often agree.

a good example of a solid write up from mike would be “temple of bros”, in which mike challenges the concept of “tech bros”.

…more likely is the phrase “tech bro” is a meaningless tech press pejorative that simply means “man, who I don’t like, working in an industry I don’t like.” This would at least account for the bizarre diversity of interests and qualities ascribed to the “tech bro”: ping pong, expensive, scooter-side coffee, ruthlessly dominating the poors of the world for pleasure and profit. Craft brews and ubiquitous snacks while gaming? Yes. Tradcore paleo cross-fitters who only eat between the hours of 3PM and 6? Yes again. “Tech bros” are angry nerds, too terrified of women to speak to them, but it’s important to remember they’re also serial womanizers. The archetype is complex. The archetype is layered.

The archetype is incoherent.