feed friday: the jim rutt show

no traditions like new traditions.

introducing: feed friday, in which I introduce an RSS feed that I follow and suggest why readers might also be interested in following. the feed could be any kind of RSS feed, a blog, a podcast, or something totally off-the-wall.

the jim rutt show

website: https://jimruttshow.blubrry.net/

feed: https://jimruttshow.blubrry.net/feed/podcast/

I first crossed paths with today’s feed by hearing his appearance on the vance crowe podcast. Rutt is the former chairman of the Santa Fe Institute, former CEO of Network Solutions, DNS provider in the early days of internet commercialization. Rutt is also involved in several ongoing projects, including BigChainDB.

Rutt is a great host and raconteur in his own right, he is able to land guests that have pushed my notion of what a good, groundbreaking podcast can be. there are philosophers, entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, and a lot more. I find that Rutt’s curiosity and willingness to engage with the specifics of these fields is a satisfying mode for a regular audio exploration of the world and the wonders it contains.