feed friday: 1729

1729 is ramanujan’s number.

1729 is now also the name of Balaji S. Srinivasan’s new project.

website: https://1729.com

feed: https://1729.com/all/rss/

the 1729 feed is rather new, but it has been a fascinating read so far. balaji (I’d normally refer to creators by their last names, but in this instance I believe that would be less clear) is trying to put together a community via the internet. he is a proponent of the notion of digital sovereignty, and my favorite rational optimist. he can be found on twitter as @balajis. he had a conversation with tim in which he describes the 1729 concept in great depth, along with a lot of other fascinating ideas.

for an example of the kind of content I enjoy most from the 1729 feed, try “how to start a new country”.