feed friday: the vance crowe podcast

I’ve known vance since 2012 when we crossed paths at a startup weekend here in st.louis. we are so different that we’re almost identical. we’ve been throwing lit matches into the bog of culture for a long time now, and I think you will find it a valuable source of productive entropy to subscribe to the vance crow podcast.

the vance crowe podcast

website: https://www.vancecrowe.com/podcast

feed: https://feeds.transistor.fm/the-vance-crowe-podcast

the podcast is worth your time. vance has a wide variety of people that speak to different topics. ag is heavily represented, which is a fascinating point of departure for conversation, that keeps the topics rooted in some form of reality, if you’ll permit a terrible pun.

for instance, vance’s most recent conversation with lee cronin. they range across a wide variety of topics, from chemistry, current cultural trends and academics, alternate explanations of time, robots, and the social dynamics of disagreeable people.

an interesting side note: during their conversation vance and lee talked about stephen wolfram as an example of someone with heterodox ideas. vance told of a friend who bought a copy of “a new kind of science” which had a note in it. indeed, I am that person. the note was actually an article which had been torn out of a journal. I display this excerpt for fair-use purposes only:

if you want the rest of the article, you’ll have to fork over a pile of money to the people who originally printed it. or ask someone who has a copy to share.