feed friday: schneier on security

this week’s feed friday is bruce schneier’s blog:

website: https://www.schneier.com/

feed: https://www.schneier.com/feed/atom/

schneier is a researcher and writer on cryptography, who has himself developed several algorithms. he is one of those people I’ve gotten value in tracking longitudinally over time. he’s an outlier on blockchain, as in, he’s skeptical. the best I can summarize his position is that he sees blockchain as shifting trust from a set of people to an implementation of an algorithm and the underlying systems it runs on. I get the impression that he thinks blockchain is as likely to work as any other technology, he just doesn’t see a use-case. he seems unimpressed by the goal of decentralization. and to my mind this is something to be treasured. schneier is a thoughtful, competent cryptographer who is capable of communicated thoughts with the public, both in blog and book form.

schneier is an author on one of the classic books on cryptography, the first edition was known as “applied cryptography”, with the current edition being cyptography engineering: design principles and practical applications.